Former Site of Arrow Pharmacy Chandler Arizona

Arrow Pharmacy (1918-2005)

11 W Boston Street
Chandler, Arizona 85225

As seen in the historical photo outside the building, there were a number of Coca-Cola signs atop the roof of Arrow Pharmacy. The pharmacy also had a soda fountain.  Another 1957 photo on Clio shows the Coca-Cola rooftop sign.

Photos Taken in 2022

11 West Boston Street

Arrow Pharmacy, 1918
Chandler Historic Commercial District on the National Register of Historic Places

One of the longest running Chandler businesses, the Arrow Pharmacy operated in this building for nearly ninety years, closing in 2005. Originally owned by John "Doc" Weber, the Arrow provided residents with medicine as well as treats from its much-loved soda fountain. Photo courtesy of Chandler Historic Society.

Photo taken in 2022 of the former site of Arrow Pharmacy on West Boston Street in Chandler Arizona.

In the historic photo outside the Andersen Building, a 1931 Coca-Cola calendar is seen behind the counter.  The calendar featured the Bare-foot boy by Norman Rockwell.